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July 6, 2012 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

To survive life is not an easy task to do for me and I believe for many people out there, too. And probably you. How many times we’ve been pushed down to our knees? And how many times we managed to get back on our feet and walk firmly ahead?

Those failures, tragedies, sad moments, disappointments are our fuel to grow stronger. They are the nutritions of our [future] success. I wish treating them as things I [actually] need in life is as easy as describing it. We know it’s hard. It’s never easy. Not even a single second of being hurt is comfortable.

Along with time, I learned that it’s not other people’s supports or helps that actually can make me stand back on my feet.. It’s all in my mind. No matter if 7 billion people in the world are trying to encourage me to get up if I don’t think I can get up, then it won’t happen.

My dreams, my goals are my savior. Possessing them is such a bless. They are the reason I don’t feel the pain for too long even if the wounds are still fresh open, even when people try to drag me back to the limbo, I still walk ahead.

I share you my magic mantras:
“I’ll be fine. This is just for temporary.”
“I can and I will do better.”
“Other people are facing harder battles and they survive. I can go through this.”
“I have to be strong because [they] need me.”
“If [this] is not for me, I’m sure something better awaits.”
“I believe in God and his plan. This is for the better and stronger me.”
“Watch me!”


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