Those are the days

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May 26, 2012 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

I can’t ask HIM for more other than the strength to carry on..

The days where I have to listen same old crap and be in a frustrating situation are those days where I always ask HIM to give me more strength.

Not food
Not money
Not success
Not even solutions

An old story that I wish I could leave it all in my back but the fact that it holds my feet from moving on makes me despair. I don’t want it yet I can’t take it off. It will always be with me, attached on me, drain my head and heart.

Because it is the life HE wants me to live and to learn.
Because I count on HIS promise to always walk with me side by side and hold my hands no matter what.
Because in my deepest fear I fall, HE never leaves me. HE always sits on the top of the cliff encouraging me to climb.

For all the life I’ve been given
For all the precious moments I’ve been bestowed
For all the time I’ve been set

For all the tears in my cheers
For all the sad feelings behind my singings of happiness
For all the cracks well-hidden under the surface
I’m rest assured I can live longer and stronger.

Those are the days I know I have STRENGTH.


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