I Wish

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January 24, 2012 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

Do you have friends or acquaintances or relatives or family members whom you’re jealous of?
I have many and probably not as many as yours, so to speak.

I wish so many things in life. The more I get exposed to other people’s lives, the greater my jealousy.

I wish I had a great job that can make me provide my family.
I wish I don’t have to struggle hard and be in pain to attain what I want in life.
I wish I had a perfect family.
I wish I have more chances to see and travel the world.
I wish I have smarter brain.
I wish I’m skinnier.
I wish I’m more popular.
I wish life was a lot more easier…
And somehow I still can grow the list.

These wishes sometimes pull me under, but more often than not, they keep me stand up on my both feet. How? Each wish requires battles and even conflicts. Endeavor is what makes every wish so valuable to be attained. I feel extremely grateful that God gives me the hard way so I can be a stronger person each and every day.

We are often too occupied with our wishes until we forget why they are even here for. Wishes are here to support our lives…


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