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July 25, 2011 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

Earlier this evening, I had a class at school which course is Branding & Value Creation. I had a total fun at class.. Because the knowledgeable, chatty, on-fire lecturer, Dino Martin. I think he has this great capability to bring the subject. It’s his area of expertise if I may say. He worked for several multi-national brands, that makes him qualified for sure. This is our first meeting for this subject and expecting to meet again every Monday. Well, at least I have a good news on Monday: a super exciting class on Monday evening (despite of what kind of boss I have to deal with Monday to Friday, 10 am – 5 pm).

So, yeah.. I basically learned few things about brand (of course) on our first class. I think with sharing it here in my blog will make me remind it and be able to recall it whenever I want.. (Besides sharing it to whoever read my blog).

3 factors that build a strong brand in my understanding:

1. Uniqueness / differentiation: you need to make your brand distinctive from other competitors brands. We’re not talking about the product.. Other competitors may copy-paste your products specification easily.. But not your brand.

2. Relevant: there’s no use to be very distinctive or innovative if it’s irrelevant to your market. Time to lower your ‘ego’.

3. Consistency: you can’t be good for one day and then be shitty on the next day. This part (consistency) takes time and effort. And this part, my friends.. Is the hardest one and requires your ability to pay attention to every detail of your brand attributes and play it continuously and apply it uniformly.

The consistency of a brand, this evening, was reflected on a video about a Canadian marathon runner, Terry Fox who died in 1981, aged 22 because of cancer (Please do yourself a favor: google him to find out what he did for humanity).. His consistency made him a hero and his name lasts to this very moment, especially for Canadians.

And then I wonder if whatever I’ve done has defined me as a brand? Have I been consistent?


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