In the corner of SOPRA’s restaurant

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May 17, 2011 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

A few days ago, I met my ex coworker when I was working for LOC Manchester Asia Tour back in 2009. It was our first meet since the LOC was dismissed. So, yes, it had been two years. We met at Pacific Place, my favorite mall ever. Less children and less crowd, great restaurants, etc. We decided to have lunch at one of my fave Pizza restaurant, SOPRA.

We talked about our works and reminisced the moment we worked together for Pak Agum Gumelar in LOC. I didn’t expect him to challenge my knowledge in marketing and copywriting. We talked about brand and tagline. We discussed why Nike’s Just Do It is simply powerful and why there are so rare of Indonesian brand/product taglines that can live long in the consumers’ / audience’s mind.

Finally we agree to the fact that “Apapun Makannya, Minumnya Teh Botol Sosro!” tagline is the best Indonesian brand/product’s tagline because of its ability to attach to its brand and product and to grasp the audience’s mind even until now. Yes, the long-last impressive tagline.

I can not recall the Teh Botol Sosro TV ads, but the tagline lasts in my head until now. Same with Indomie. I can not really remember the TV ads, but its powerful jingle keep playing in my head over and over again.

The point is, we deplore that not so many taglines in Indonesia can actually last in their consumer’s head. He said that it’s because Indonesian copywriter don’t actually emphasize the brand value on the writings. It requires beyond the creativity. It’s about understanding on both sides; brand/product and the consumers. “Understanding” is not that easy and I may say that it’s expensive.

So do you agree with my friend? What Indonesian brand/product taglines do you really like best?


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