Crafting an Engagement

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May 6, 2011 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

Usually people/brand in social media platforms, let’s say Twitter and Facebook, always offer some perks to the audience in order to get their attention, engage with them, and then increase followers/fans number.

IMO, engagement doesn’t always need to come along with perks.
How to engage target audience who don’t really have a clear picture of who you are or what your brand is without perks? Just some simple ideas from what I experienced in designing the content for a new product/brand’s socmed platforms:
1. You have to know who your target audience in social media first. Know them before they know you. What are their demographic informations, what are their interests.. And so on.
2. Design or determine the brand personality first. Make sure they meet your audience basic interests.
3. Generate and dig deeper from each personality of the product or brand and find out what information or content fits each personality.
4. After you determine what kind of contents that will be delivered, you need to enrich yourself with writing and communication skill 🙂
5. Fit content design with brand personality and your audience interests will make them pay attention more to your account. Mentions and Retweets and Likes are expected to make your brand get the awareness on soc med.
6. Interactive, 2-way-communication.

The “engagement” terminology is mostly perceived as the after sales interaction in order to maintain customers. But from what I experienced, “engagement” is also can be used even before the sales happen. Engagement is a strategy to attract new customers. With engagement, people or audience are getting aware of your product / brand and finally lead to purchase intention or buying decision. In this matter, socmed platforms can help your product or brand in the process of consumers’ buying decision:
1. Make sure they need your product or service OR create the needs!
2. The curious audience can go ask you directly through socmed platforms, your role is to provide them all the info they need.
3. The engagement you create on socmed platforms can give “added value” or even “competitive advantage” to your audience when they have to evaluate or compare you with competitors/substitutes.
4. Keep letting them know what other people say about your brand or product so they know how legit or reputable you are by responding and RTing.
5. A great engagement infused in every step will do more good in order to gain more followers/fans even can lead them to purchase intention/buying decision.

Now the question is: what is a good engagement? These points stated below are just my point of view:
1. A good engagement doesn’t always wait for the responses, YOU respond.
2. A good engagement doesn’t mean answering all the questions meaningless. Your audience deserve best answers so provide them the right and best answers.
3. A good engagement only happens when 2 way communication has been built.
4. A good engagement will get good feedbacks or responses 🙂

I think that’s all from me. Ideas? Feedback? Let me know 🙂


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