Newspaper vs Academic Research

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April 28, 2011 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

After 6 months trying hard to attract and to provoke The Jakarta Globe readers through my articles on My Jakarta column, I finally have to meet a new writing challenge.. Case writing (case studies) for academic purposes and yes, in English.

For me it’s easier to write articles for newspapers because you can fuse the emotional side and your personal opinion or thoughts on that article. Well, I’ve been told that actually it’s a bullshit if writing an article for newspaper have to be objective.

The column that I contribute is an opinion, human interests column which usually less than 1000 words per story. different with what I’m currently doing now, I’m learning to write case studies minimum 7 pages each. In addition, I need more vocab to work on since you can not use your personal terms but academic terms. And fusing emotional touch on the article is a bit prohibited since all I need to convey there is truly facts from existed, reliable, and legit data.

But I thank God for the chance. I was given chances to learn to write in any kind of form and purposes 🙂


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