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April 28, 2011 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

People, companies, and brands are way too excited about getting their brand in Social Media platforms, let’s say Facebook and Twitter, the common ones.

They expect too much with all the phenomena and success experiences of other brands or companies in building their brand in Social Media and even increase their sales.

I’m currently developing an existing brand to be exist in social media platforms (FB and Twitter) which product is quite segmented, quite new in Indonesia, worldwide benefits, and required the audience to pay to obtain the products.

The challenge is I need to create engagement and gain followers with certain target (which I think it’s quite impossible) PLUS sales target in socmed. So I learn new things that I’d like to share.. Feel free to comment.

1. High sales target in social media platform doesn’t work. Social media works more as a marketing instead of sales.

2. Define your STP first and then determine or set the possible followers/fans target. See other brands experiences. 5000 followers doesn’t happen in a month. Again, depends on your product. Don’t compare commercial product with news portal account, for example.

3. Use social media effectively for: brand and product awareness, consumers engagement (communicating with and identifying your audience is never as easy as with maximizing your social media platforms), and customer/consumer service.

4. Content and context quality (align with brand personality and information on products/services) and also great customer service will definitely lead the non-customers to purchase intention or even buying decision.

5. You don’t reach the followers target? How to measure whether your social media strategy actually works or not? The comments and feedbacks and see how good the engagement you create. It’s important to have “the paying-attention-audience” even if you don’t have that much followers as you targeted. See how much contacts you make and how satisfied they are with your responses.

I know those 5 points above are developed only based on my personal experience. So maybe some of you will think differently and have any other ideas and point of view. I’m so open to feedback since I’m still learning on this thing 🙂


“It’s better to have 1000 highly interested followers than to have 10,000 followers who don’t care about you or your tweets.” – Susan Gunelius, 30-minute Social Media Marketing


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