Adventure Does SELL

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April 18, 2011 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

Wondering if “ADVENTURE” really does good in attracting consumers.
I currently admire two TV commercials of two totally different products for two totally different segments.

They are Djarum Super and Nutrilon – ciggarette and milk for baby.
Both try to “sell” their products with offering “adventure” to the consumers.

Djarum Super – My Life, My Adventure
The strong concept of branding and tagline represent Djarum’s brand identity. All of their TVCs (Djarum Super) always tell stories about adventurous men in action.

Nutrilon Royal – Life is an Adventure
This TV ad showing cute babies with their activities but what I like the most is the awesome script! My all time favorite TV ad despite the rumor (or the fact) that they copied the concept from one of Levi’s TVC.

“I want to live my life to the absolute fullest

To open my eyes to be all I can be

To travel roads not taken, to meet faces unknown

To feel the wind, to touch the stars

I promise to discover myself

To stand tall with greatness

To chase down and catch every dream


Love both!
Do you think most people are really attracted to particular products because the companies sell “adventure”? Hm.


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