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March 17, 2011 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

Currently I just interviewed an urban planner for My Jakarta, The Jakarta Globe. His answers were somehow great and he could answer my questions smart and decent. The interview made me realize how pampered Jakarta citizens are with those AC-ed shopping malls. However, like it or not, shopping malls are recreational destination in Jakarta. More malls to come and is Jakarta able to accommodate them? It’s getting hot, it’s green-less. Is there actually anyway to change the lifestyle of our citizens?

Don’t you think the city will be more beautiful and friendlier if we build more parks instead of malls? I’m talking about recreational parks.

They’re developing a giant park at Ancol called Ecopark. So they said soon we can go jogging, cycling, picnic, canoeing, and even will have this petting zoo and outdoor entertainment. Currently they just planted millions of trees on that Ecopark area.

I really do hope this Ecopark will run well and can be the prototype. You should go and check it out later.


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