We Love Sinetron!


March 3, 2011 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

Do you get the sarcasm from this post title? Well, you better. Because I’m not a fan of sinetrons and [trust me] I have been trying to like one of them with watching it for a couple of times, and… it fails to win my heart [FYI, a super “hits” sinetron in Indonesia: Putri Yang Ketuker].

I define sinetron as: A show with over-reacting stars, stupid and lame characters, 98% crying scenes, and hospital scenes is a must, someone loses his memory, someone dies, the good and the bad, we can make a long list out of it.

My concern is about how Indonesia can shift to developed country from developing country if 75% of the TV shows are dominated by sinetrons.

I did watch some sinetrons awhile ago when I was a kid. But time flies, people grow, and somehow I expect people’s demand also grow; not only the quantity, but foremost people’s demand on quality. I really really hate to say this, but somehow it makes me [again] realize that there is a lot of Indonesian people are too much pampered with uneducated fiction stories that actually are misleading.

I have a dream… When someday we’ll have shows like Grey’s Anatomy or Desperate Housewives to replace the kind of sinetrons that are currently running now. It’s OK to cry over the films or to feel emotionally attached to the characters, but it’s better if you can get any lessons from what you consume everyday. Let’s say Grey’s Anatomy is oh-so-full with drama and tears whatsoever. But watching it I [and I believe other people] can get so many lessons like friendships, relationships, career, and especially I learn some medical terms and get to know about how doctors work.

To make the audience crying is not always have to come up with an idea or a thought that your audience love to see the protagonists intimidated by the antagonists. If you see the trend of sinetron in Indonesia, there are always good people versus bad people. Bad people roles is somehow the key to make the sinetron blowing up in the market. By the end of the day, what do people learn from watching sinetron exactly?

I tried to resume what lessons people may get from watching sinetrons:

  1. Most of rich people are bad and like to torture poor people.
  2. Be rich and then be evil. Well, people change.
  3. Other girls are bitches. Talk and scream to them in front of the public makes you look more gorgeous.
  4. If people do or say something wrong, just go slap them in the face.

Indonesians are not stupid. We have people with brilliant and creative ideas and minds, we have enough resources, we have the money, but those producers just think about how to gain profit for them. So they choose to fit in the niche instead of educate the market. The chance to explore your skills and knowledge seldom comes to random people. They have the ideas and would love to explore themselves but limited to the capital. While people with money love to produce stuff that are futile instead of exploring the ideas more and more to help this country serving great shows that we can be proud of.








2 thoughts on “We Love Sinetron!

  1. alijaya says:

    yes!!! we love sinetron too!!! *digampar

    yes… i’m in line with you :p…
    the summary is… no one want to buy a pirated DVD that contains Indonesian sinetron… It’s very opposite with Korean’s drama 😦


    Yes… Sinetron just want to make money… I don’t blame the script writer, because they are pushed to make that kind of story, the one that must pay for this is the producer… I think he push the writer like that to gain money….

    Oh C’mon Indonesia… you can do better than this…

    The audiences of sinetron is the mothers, the teenagers is absolutely no… And for the sake of the future, who will see Indonesian sinetron again ==a???

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