This Is My Story: A Phenomenal Scriptwriter/Mother


March 1, 2011 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

In 2030,

I am a high demand person in Jakarta.

These people hired or worked for both local companies and also multinational companies come to me to derive my service.

Some of them are people who want or need publicity or good public image. Like celebrities or even people from the political parties.

In 2030,

You find advertisements with appealing and super creative scripts, broadcasted on TV, radio, and internet written by me.

You read great editorials and articles that WOW you on the papers, magazines, and internet written by me.

You spend a lot of money on goods and foods because you are trapped by the compelling tag lines or slogans made by me.

In 2030,

All these media people know me because we make great acquaintance.

All those advertising agencies try to hire me.

All those famous people and companies thank me and even Indonesian President begs me to be his speechwriter!

In 2030,

I have reached my financial freedom.

I’m a woman who has attained her obsession and passion in life.

I’m a mother who loves her children and the closest person to her little ones.

In 2030,

I’m no longer thinking hard how to earn money for my children schools.

I want to make sure that my children get the right English education, too.

And that’s when I visit and find out that sending my children to learn English with EF is the perfect and right decision.


In 2030,

I’ll be sitting down on my desk, writing a letter for my children.

I tell them not to give up on anything and follow their passions…

That life is not easy but it is good, depends on how you want to see it…

And that you need to fight for your dreams because in those fights are where you learn about life.

I tell them that it took their mother decades, blood, and tears to reach her success in life.

Against all odds.

Notes to the judges:

Thanks to EF, now I know what I want for my future; a script/copywriter and a proud mom. I know to realize it is not an easy thing to do. I really want to be the person that I described above on this post. I believe I deserve to win the iPad as it’ll be one of the motivations I need to prove myself that I can be a great writer someday. Thank you.


10 thoughts on “This Is My Story: A Phenomenal Scriptwriter/Mother

  1. Deo says:


  2. gregoriuserico says:

    aha, interesting 🙂

  3. sibair says:

    waw awesome 😀

  4. alijaya says:

    Hmmm… may be this is a stupid question… but what does the scriptwriter do? *just curious

    Btw… nice blog 😀

    • aisyah_h says:

      Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Scriptwriter is someone who do the scripts for TV shows, commercials, plays, etc. If you only write for promotional brochures/advertisements than you are a copywriter. The point is, I want to be a scriptwriter / copywriter as well. Let’s sum it: I want to be a writer :p

  5. Wawww. You are a talented youngster. Your great motivation will surely inspired your life. Hope my children could have a great dreams as well as you. Hope your beautiful dreams come true. God speed. Amien.

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