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February 23, 2011 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

Press conference is one of the most substantial parts in introducing a product or a brand to be recognized by people and society through media. You invite press from media and present them the product knowledge or the brand value to the media in hopes they will write good things about your product or brand. Moreover, to have a good image and acceptance in public. Please be aware that what I’m about to share is focused in product/brand launch.

A company held a press launch usually to introduce their new product or brand OR to introduce people about their new package or image of their existing products and any kind of other changes of a brand or product that is fitted to the new marketing strategy.

I’ve been in several press launches and see how companies pay attention to this event in strict details. Some of them are boring, some of them are creative enough (probably we should thank the agencies).

There’s few things I learn in conducting a press launch:

1. Be creative in developing the press launch concepts is a must. You don’t invite the press to watch videos, slide shows, and listening to a long speech about product knowledge, bla bla bla. Press is hard to please, they get bored easily.

2. Most of the companies have learned the importance of point 1 so now they compete to have a better (entertaining) concept to be presented to those media people.

3. If you would like to have entertainment in your launch event, make sure the entertainment is relevant to your message. I saw some press launches for some products, they have dancers and singers performing in several sessions of the event, but it’s dull because no strings attached at all between the message that the company wanted to deliver and the whole show. So I think the entertainment was more like a distraction. The people perhaps enjoyed the show but the essential point of the show; the message, was futile.

Well yeah the press need stories to run every day, but make sure that your product launch release is worth a run. And to have an impressive launch, big companies may spend billions rupiah.


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