Movies Are My Books

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February 19, 2011 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

Just got a bad news from Indonesia’s biggest movie theater, 21 Cineplex. They will stop showing movies from all over the world. Amazing. They’re going to take away my books and close down my library.

I’m not into books. I used to read English literature when I was in high school, borrowed them from my school library (Santa Ursula, Jakarta). But after I left high school and went into college, I found it hard and expensive to purchase books. I hate books ever since.

I found myself enjoy watching movies. I learn lots of things, from the pronunciation, vocabulary, and listening. So I learn and have fun at the same time every time I watch a movie. Movies are books for me.

Movies (cinema tickets or pirated DVDs) are much more cheaper than the price of an English book, and a lot of cheaper than English short course. My mom had no money to send me to take an English class or send me abroad. But I have a passion in learning English, even other languages. I find it fascinating.

So yes, I learn most of my mediocre English from movies. And I believe I’m not alone.

Please don’t take away my “books”. Don’t close down my “library”…


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