Dear 11-Year-Old-Me

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February 19, 2011 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

Dear 11-Year-Old-Me,

Stop crying over him. Your mom and him will never get back together again.
Stop wondering why he never answered your phone calls.
Stop asking why and blaming yourself for you’re innocence.

Be grateful because God gives you such a great burden even it’s really hard for you to cope.

Don’t be ashamed for this is the ultimate moment that will keep you motivated to reach things you want.

It’s not easy here… you need to know the survival codes to live through here.

1. You can’t always expect people to understand you.
2. Be careful to everything you say. Few words are enough to get you in an everlasting trouble.
3. Stay humble. Because every time you get cocky, you’ll fall easily and deep.
4. Have fun! Don’t think that fun is expensive that costs you a lot. Do what you love.
5. Don’t call your father ever. Because it will only make you hurt even more until you wish you never had him.

I have one crucial message for you, so please pay attention..

Be with your brother. He needs you so much. You’re being an ignorant girl. You never talked to him why he stops going to school. Please talk to him, you’re someone that he can count on to. I know he’s such a pain and such a bad kid.. But he will grow up as a mature guy with unclear future. Tell him in a good and nice way.. Because there’s too much people will make him very uncomfy when they talk to him about getting him in a school again.
You’re not the only one who’s trying to survive to get through all of this. You have a brother and he’s lost now. He needs someone to talk to, he wishes someone guided him through all these troubles.. But I was never there.

You will be really close to him as you both grow together, but you’ll regret why you didn’t do it since you were little.. When you were 11 years old..


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