Blog Vs Twitter


February 16, 2011 by Aisyah H. Zaelani

Yeah, I know we can’t separate Twitter from Blog for Twitter is a mini form of Blog. It’s a micro-blog.


I prefer tweeting rather than blogging. Twitter gives me a limited space to talk but I can talk tweet about anything quickly. And since twitter is more mobile-friendly and takes fewer time to write (sometimes people just tweet without think, like me), people can connect and interact to their followers and to people they follow easily. All I’m saying is Twitter is like a real-time blog and it’s.. well.. ADDICTIVE.

Some FACTS that I find about TWITTER phenomenon:

  1. People find TWITTER is the next best thing to do business. Promoting your products/services/brands/events whatsoever and build your business network on Twitter are a MUST.
  2. Besides business, [consciously or not] people use Twitter to build their own value. We call this Personal Branding. In this point, people talk about what’s truly on their mind, their interests and their activities.
  3. I often use Twitter as my procrastination. And yes, it’s the best procrastination ever. It’s like you can step aside from you real world but not to lose all the information from out there that you need. It depends on whom you follow. Moreover, Twitter is a one stop information center.
  4. Twitter helps you kill the time. I hate waiting. Therefore, I’ll always make sure my BB is in a good shape (Read: long live battery) wherever I go. Even when you take a dump. Let me tell you this, tweeting while taking a dump is THE NEXT BEST THING.

But why I’m making and writing a blog now?

I just need a place where I can put my opinions and point of view ‘permanently’ without being limited.


One thought on “Blog Vs Twitter

  1. I just recently got into Twitter but I’ve grown addicted to the simplicity of it.

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